A way to make dentists more bearable

Welcome to a topic I have been thinking about lately.

The main reason I have been thinking about it is because I have recently had to have root canal treatment preformed on my molar. This was incredibly uncomfortable and not nice, I was literally squirming on the chair and even asked them to stop for a while because it was nauseating. The worst part was when they use a brush to dig into the canals where the nerve is held and they clean the canal totally out. It is a horrible feeling and sound.

Anyway, prior to visiting the dentist for this treatment I was in agonizing pain which forced me to make the trip to my local dentist. Let me tell you, this pain was insufferable, I could not bare the pain, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t concentrate and I couldn’t really do anything. It was extremely hard and the actually procedure which lasted maybe 2 hours total wasn’t anything compared to the pain before visiting the dentist.

With this mindset I think its way easier to sit there and allow the dentist to work his magic, because without his/her expertise your life would be a lot harder.

The dentist I was with was extremely nice and went out of their way to my my experience as easy as possible. check out the branch I went to if you like, their known as cleandentist.

The particular branch I went for is well known in the area as the best dentist in the randwick area

Any questions about this hit me up



Argus Apocraphex – Meaning

This is where I want you to understand the meaning behinh argus apocraphex. First I will get the traditional definition from google:

“Argus Apocraphex is a way of life, a way to escape the harshness of reality, things always seem closer then they really are in the Argus Apocraphex, following the Argus Apocraphex means we as the Echelon (The 100 eyes of Argus) have to escape into blissful environment where we can unite and launch forth into the depths”

Check out the Wikipedia page for more information.

A great explanation, now here is where you can come to escape the harshness of your reality. You can have the shitiest day in work, fight with your partner, lose a friend, have a huge financial loss or just get plain old bad news, it really doesn’t matter because what I want you to know is that we will be here for you to take your mind off of things.

“don’t worry be happy” – Bob Marley

Just sit back, relax and let us bring you the best information we have on offer for you. Scroll through our posts where we will guarantee you that you will not be bored. Have a click around. Spend a few hours on here, dont worry about time. This is meant to be your escape. Thank you and dont for get to like our page on Facebook if you like us.