A way to make dentists more bearable

Welcome to a topic I have been thinking about lately.

The main reason I have been thinking about it is because I have recently had to have root canal treatment preformed on my molar. This was incredibly uncomfortable and not nice, I was literally squirming on the chair and even asked them to stop for a while because it was nauseating. The worst part was when they use a brush to dig into the canals where the nerve is held and they clean the canal totally out. It is a horrible feeling and sound.

Anyway, prior to visiting the dentist for this treatment I was in agonizing pain which forced me to make the trip to my local dentist. Let me tell you, this pain was insufferable, I could not bare the pain, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t concentrate and I couldn’t really do anything. It was extremely hard and the actually procedure which lasted maybe 2 hours total wasn’t anything compared to the pain before visiting the dentist.

With this mindset I think its way easier to sit there and allow the dentist to work his magic, because without his/her expertise your life would be a lot harder.

The dentist I was with was extremely nice and went out of their way to my my experience as easy as possible. check out the branch I went to if you like, their known as cleandentist.

The particular branch I went for is well known in the area as the best dentist in the randwick area

Any questions about this hit me up